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Say 'Thank You!' with a burst of confetti!

What's the best way to say thank you? With colour & confetti!

Our new 'Confetti Thank You' cards are so happy and bright, they are guaranteed to bring cheer and gratitude to anyone's world! They come in 4 colour combinations and are 10x10cm square cards. Perfect to accompany a gift and luxurious enough for gifting on their own.

$6.80ea or grab the set for @24 and save!


Hand painted watercolour

Shadow hands

A gentle range of hand shadow puppet images. Greeting cards suited for any occasion. Each animal is letterpress printed, and then painted by hand in a watercolour wash. No two cards are the same. Each card is a mini art work. Available in: * Bird - with blue wash * Dog (Dingo) with ochre wash * Hare - with pink wash * Bear - with pine wash

$7.30ea or take home the set for an instant gallery for $33

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