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Just Be F*****g Nice Ok!

F-bombs in this post - please don't be offended!

So, February saw the return to school for West Australian school kids. It marked the end of the holidays and my 2 boys had had enough of each other and I definitely needed a break too! It was particularly emotional for me because my youngest was entering high school. Emotions were high, and I just needed everyone to be calm and nice!

These ate the emotions Im always faced with when kids go back to school: 🥳😬😞😔😟🥺😢😭

At this same time, I happened upon Constance Hall's post about the online bullying she had received about her appearance on Dancing With The Stars. Constance is a West Australian social media celebrity that has an enormous following, and as such, a tonne of haters. She describes the way the bullying made her feel and how everyone just needs to 'Just Be Fucking Nice People'. Love of hate her, her sentiment was spot on with my feelings at the time, and so I made this poster :-)

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