Renovation Sale

So we are renovating. The demo guys came and piled everything into my studio. I don't have any room and I'm struggling to find things. Best have a sale then!! Over in our Etsy shop you can check out our sale section. I have put together 3 renovation card packs that are only $10 per pack. On top of that, many individual cards are 50% off AND if you spend over $30, Ill ship for FREE!! If you'd like to see the reno progress, follow along over on our Instagram Stories account

Australian give-away...

My Country... These were printed using hand set type and tiny star type-adds. It was the first time I had purposefully arranged borders and shapes to create an image and I recon I did OK! To celebrate Australia day, I printed 20 of these and I'm giving away one to every order throughout January and Feb until they run out. My Country is an iconic patriotic poem about Australia, written by Dorothea Mackellar (1885–1968). I was fascinated by the fact that since it was first published 5th September 1908 it would have been hand set and letterpress printed, just like I did! I will celebrate the fact that I’m lucky to live here. I will pause and be patriotic and watch the wonderful fireworks displa

2018 Etsy review guide

I must stop avoiding the nasty/boring end of my business.. ​So. The end of 2018 was hectic. I was organising Etsy Made Local, my youngest was graduating from primary school we started a renovation and well, Christmas, birthday, new year’s festivities etc, etc. I placed my Etsy shops on holiday mode. (Even though I wasn’t actually on holiday) I couldn’t service my customers and was refunding 50% of my sales because of that. Things got on top of me. I wasn’t upset by it.- Its just how things go. no sweat. But I want to start again this year, and I’m reluctant to unless I have a plan!! I have goals - these are life goals and dreams, why I started my business and indeed why we all work in

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Fluid Ink, located in Perth Western Australia,
print letterpress stationery including wedding invitations, & save the date invitations as well as
unique and fine greeting cards.