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My Country...

These were printed using hand set type and tiny star type-adds. It was the first time I had purposefully arranged borders and shapes to create an image and I recon I did OK!

To celebrate Australia day, I printed 20 of these and I'm giving away one to every order throughout January and Feb until they run out.

My Country is an iconic patriotic poem about Australia, written by Dorothea Mackellar (1885–1968). I was fascinated by the fact that since it was first published 5th September 1908 it would have been hand set and letterpress printed, just like I did! I will celebrate the fact that I’m lucky to live here. I will pause and be patriotic and watch the wonderful fireworks display that shine on our beautiful city (I love 🎇) if we need to change the date so that ALL Australians can feel the same way, then so be it, it’s no big deal.

[EDIT] At the time of writing this, I have 4 'My Country' prints left to give away.

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