Making ready in letterpress

The process of making ready, is one of the most time consuming parts of printing in letterpress. It means printing off several proofs and ensuring all lines of text have the same depth of impression as well as being inked with the same fine layer of ink upon the relief surface of the text or image. The first print off the press is very rarely (I don't think its ever happened to me!) perfect. The above image is a first print. Its smudgy due to too much ink, but you can see that some lines have more smudging than others. Since my press is 100+ years old, the rails have been worn down and I have taped them up but they have been worn unevenly, so I have had to tape them unevenly too! It has

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Fluid Ink, located in Perth Western Australia,
print letterpress stationery including wedding invitations, & save the date invitations as well as
unique and fine greeting cards.