Meet the presses!

Welcome to the family! Here at Fluid Ink, we have a collection of 5 presses, of various ages and sizes, all of which are fully functioning - definitely no museum pieces allowed! MAVIS Golding Pearl #2 Platen Press. 1892 This pretty girl was a personal press - kind of like your Canon printers for the home office - only a little heavier. Many of these were used within parishes to print information to distribute to parishioners. Mavis is treadle operated. She is quiet and fast and leaves the most perfect amount of ink onto paper. I found her through Briar Press (an awesome resource BTW) When I first got a little excited by letterpress 8 years ago. She popped up in my search for sale in Sydney,

Quarterly round up.

I know it's always a surprise that we are a quarter through the year. Its around this time I feel I'm loosing my grip and I'm desperately hanging onto April because I know It will slip right away along with the other 3 months! Anyway, reflecting on the past 3 months makes me feel a little better since it appears I have done some things after all! Check my Instagram feed to follow along :-)

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Fluid Ink, located in Perth Western Australia,
print letterpress stationery including wedding invitations, & save the date invitations as well as
unique and fine greeting cards.