Bloody 'Printer's Devil!

If you are a printer, sometimes, you can blame mistakes on someone else... Take the above example, perhaps it was lack of concentration, maybe a little too much wine, or perhaps not enough sleep, I choose to blame it on 'Titivillus' or 'The printer's Devil'. There are a couple of origins for these pesky demons. TITIVILLUS was attributed to errors that crept into manuscripts of early scribes, and were said to be listening in to idle gossip that occurred during a church service - earmarking them to add to a list of souls to take to hell. He is said to be responsible for the errors of scribes when they copied and re-copied manuscripts, often leading to a complete change of scripture meaning thr

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Fluid Ink, located in Perth Western Australia,
print letterpress stationery including wedding invitations, & save the date invitations as well as
unique and fine greeting cards.